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Can You Still Get A Home Loan If You Have Open Collection Accounts?

31 October 2018
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Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to pay off your open collection accounts to get approved for a mortgage. In fact, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) does not require applicants to zero out collection debts to participate in their loan guarantee program. However, just because you can still get approved for a home loan doesn't mean it will be easy. Here's what you need to know to increase your chances of obtaining financing for the home you want to buy.
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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Financing A Car

24 September 2018
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Unless you are able to pay cash for a vehicle, you will most likely need to finance your purchase. Automobile financing is available to help you purchase a used or new car, but each type of loan and deal will have its own specifications. Thankfully, proper understanding will help you secure a car loan that is smart and affordable. If you need a loan to purchase your new vehicle, here are a few mistakes you must avoid.
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Considerations For Business Owners Needing Equipment

10 September 2018
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Procuring equipment for your business can be one of the largest capital expenses that you will have. For businesses with limited available capital, financing the purchase is an option that should be reviewed. Understand The Benefits Of Financing Over Leasing For a small business, leasing the equipment that is needed may seem like the best option, but there are some sizable limitations with this approach. One of the most notable is that you will lack full ownership of the equipment until the end of the terms.
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3 Reasons To Use A Bail Bondsman After An Arrest

4 August 2018
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Getting tossed in jail can be quite a shock to the system, but it's the immediate aftermath of the arrest that can be especially stressful. What are you going to say to your family and friends or employer if they find out about it? If you want to get out of jail as soon as possible, your best option is to reach out to a bail bondsman as soon as possible.
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Struggling Single Parent In Need Of A Home Loan? 5 Ways A Mortgage Broker Can Help You

25 June 2018
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Less than half of all children in America are being raised in two-parent homes these days, and if you're one of those single-parent households, you face a unique set of challenges, particularly when applying for a home loan. With only one income (even if you have two or three jobs), you have to do more to balance your budget and take care of your family. That doesn't mean, however, that you don't earn the same right to the American dream as the more traditional households.
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