Considerations For Business Owners Needing Equipment

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Considerations For Business Owners Needing Equipment

Considerations For Business Owners Needing Equipment

10 September 2018
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Procuring equipment for your business can be one of the largest capital expenses that you will have. For businesses with limited available capital, financing the purchase is an option that should be reviewed.

Understand The Benefits Of Financing Over Leasing

For a small business, leasing the equipment that is needed may seem like the best option, but there are some sizable limitations with this approach. One of the most notable is that you will lack full ownership of the equipment until the end of the terms. There may also be usage limitations in place that could hinder your growth or productivity. Furthermore, the costs of leasing this equipment may be fairly close to the costs of financing this purchase. In contrast, financing will allow you to fully own the equipment from the start. This can ensure you will have the freedom to deploy it in the most efficient manner for your enterprise.

Review The Factors That Will Impact The Terms Of Your Financing

As with any other type of loan, there are a number of factors that will be considered when determining the costs of the financing. In particular, the credit history of your business will be reviewed. If your business's credit history is extremely new or has negative items on it, the financing service may require you to personally cosign for the financing.

Set Several Months Worth Of Equipment Financing Payments In Savings

Falling behind on the payments for your business's equipment can put you in a serious predicament. Unfortunately, there can be instances where clients are late with payments or other financial issues cause you to be late on these payments. To avoid the risk of having the equipment repossessed during these temporary shortfalls, you may want to have several months worth of payments in a separate account. In the event that you will be late or miss a payment, you can use these funds to avoid the penalties that come with late payments. If you have to use these funds, replenish them as soon as possible to ensure they are available for the next time you have financial problems.

Keep Accurate Records Of Your Financing Payments

The payments made for your equipment is likely a tax-deductible expense. However, your account will only be able to confirm and claim this deduction if the receipts and other paperwork for the financing agreement are kept. For safekeeping, you may want to scan or otherwise digitize these documents to ensure copies can be safely stored in multiple places.

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