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Getting A Mortgage? Know These Potential Mistakes

18 March 2019
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If you don't have enough cash on hand to buy a home, you'll need to get financing from a local mortgage provider. However, getting approved for a loan is not as simple as applying and waiting for a response. There are some mistakes that can be made that can prevent you from getting a loan that you need to be aware of. Mistake 1: Not Being Honest About Employment Part of the process of being approved for a loan is proving that you have the income to help pay for the mortgage.
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What Bail Details Must Be Known If You’re Arrested?

16 February 2019
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Most people who haven't ever had handcuffs placed on their wrists don't know anything about what happens after that. If you, a relative or a friend should ever be arrested, you'll need to know these bail details to share with others and attempt to ensure that calm prevails. 1-Bail Companies Screen Cases If you can produce collateral, you might not worry too much about whether a bondsman will accept your case or a case related to anyone you know.
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Bail Bonding Myths And Notions That Can Mislead You

20 January 2019
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Bail is an invaluable and instrumental aspect of the criminal justice system. Yet, it is also one of the parts of this system that is the least understood. This can put individuals in a position of being unable to effectively make decisions or otherwise navigate the criminal justice system.  Myth: Bail Bonding Services Can Only Be Used During Normal Business Hours It is common for financial services to only be available to customers and clients during normal business hours.
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Oh No! Your Brother Is Getting Arrested – What’s Next?

16 December 2018
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He's loud. He had too much too drink. It was all a misunderstanding. Whatever your brother's reasons are for the why, you need to find out the what's next. During the Arrest: Be polite. You may have a lot of emotions running through your mind, but now is neither the time, nor the place. Police appreciate calm, not hysterical siblings. Plus, if you overreact, they might put you in cuffs, too.
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What To Do If You’re Taken To Jail

30 November 2018
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If you're arrested and taken to jail, you may be frightened and worried about your future. No one is ever prepared to go to jail, and it can be hard to know what to do in this situation. Here are three steps you should take if you find yourself in jail: 1. Contact a trusted person. The first thing you should do once you're offered the opportunity to make a phone call is to contact a friend or family member that you trust.
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