What Bail Details Must Be Known If You're Arrested?

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What Bail Details Must Be Known If You're Arrested?

What Bail Details Must Be Known If You're Arrested?

16 February 2019
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Most people who haven't ever had handcuffs placed on their wrists don't know anything about what happens after that. If you, a relative or a friend should ever be arrested, you'll need to know these bail details to share with others and attempt to ensure that calm prevails.

1-Bail Companies Screen Cases

If you can produce collateral, you might not worry too much about whether a bondsman will accept your case or a case related to anyone you know. However, such assumptions could wind up prolonging jail time. That's because every single bonding company has a process that they use to gauge their risk and the probability of prisoner compliance. As you or loved ones wait for one bondsman, they could come back with a refusal and you'll then need to contact another; this could mean days and days longer in jail. Therefore, if you're ever arrested or someone you know is, seeking multiple companies is key.

2-Jail Release is Quick

Perhaps because of TV crime shows, most people think bail happens quickly. However, even if you've located a bonding company to handle your case or that of someone you know, there's no speedy release. For example, if you or someone is detained on a Friday evening, the bail documents may not even reach the relevant people at the holding facility until after the weekend. Every jail determines independently how they handle bail documents and when releases happen. Professional bondsmen can make educated guesses about when releases are likely, but absolute certainty about how fast someone can return home is rare.

3-Running is Possible

You might think you know yourself enough to know that if you're able to get bail, you can wait patiently for your court date. You may feel you know your friends, loved ones and relatives as well as you know yourself; your trust for them could run deep. For that reason, many people don't take the "small print" seriously; even after signing bail documents, they may not read too deeply into language about what occurs if an arrested person flees. You and loved ones will need to take a serious, sober look at the situation and understand all the risks you'll assume. Running is possible, and if that happens, you and others must be prepared.

If ever you or someone you know gets arrested, you'll need to recall this bail information. Consider exploring bail bond companies and talking with different bail bondsmen in your area to learn more about the process.

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