Posting Your Bail After Being Arrested

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Posting Your Bail After Being Arrested

Posting Your Bail After Being Arrested

12 August 2022
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The ability to post bail is important for allowing individuals to minimize the disruptions that being charged with a crime can cause. It will allow them to largely return to their normal schedule while also enabling them to more effectively prepare a defense. In many situations, a person will need to use the services of a bail bondsman in order to come up with the money to make their bail payment.

It Can Be Possible To Coordinate With The Bail Bonding Service For Voluntary Surrenders

Individuals often assume that being arrested and detained will always come as a surprise. The reality is that many individuals that are charged with a crime may be able to arrange for voluntary surrender. If a person's attorney is able to make this arrangement, they may be able to coordinate with the bail bondsman so that the bond will be issued to the jail as soon as possible after the defendant is taken into custody. This option can drastically reduce the time that a person will have to spend in detention following their initial arrest.

Bail Bonding Services Can Offer Flexible Collateral Options

Securing a bail bond is most often done with collateral. When it comes to the type and amount of collateral that you will need to provide, there are some factors that will play a role in this. For example, the bail bonding service can have its own policies in terms of the types of collateral that it will be willing to accept. Luckily, these providers will often be fairly flexible in terms of the items that they will accept for collateral, which can be useful for those that may have been surprised by arrest and need for bail.

Bail Bonding Services Are Typically Available On Holidays

Finding oneself arrested and charged with a crime around major holidays can be a particularly stressful and frustrating experience. This can be due to minimal staffing at the jail and the courts, which may lead to significantly longer processing times. However, individuals will still be able to use bail bonding services on these days as they are typically open every day of the year. In many cases, these services will have little to no additional delay as a result of the holiday. This can be useful for posting bail once the criminal justice system has finished processing a new defendant and issued a bail amount for their release until the conclusion of their trial.

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