Bail Bonding Myths And Notions That Can Mislead You

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Bail Bonding Myths And Notions That Can Mislead You

Bail Bonding Myths And Notions That Can Mislead You

20 January 2019
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Bail is an invaluable and instrumental aspect of the criminal justice system. Yet, it is also one of the parts of this system that is the least understood. This can put individuals in a position of being unable to effectively make decisions or otherwise navigate the criminal justice system. 

Myth: Bail Bonding Services Can Only Be Used During Normal Business Hours

It is common for financial services to only be available to customers and clients during normal business hours. However, those that have been arrested may need the services of a bail bondsman at any hour of the day. Luckily, most bail bonding services are able to provide 24-hour service so that individuals will be able to post bail as quickly as possible.

Myth: A Bail Bond Requires Permanently Losing Collateral

Posting collateral to secure the bail bond can be a stressful experience as you may worry about the fate of your collateral. However, your collateral will be returned as long as the terms of the bail are followed. In most instances, this will require the defendant to avoid new offenses, make their court date and follow other stipulations set by the judge, such as undergoing drug testing.

Myth: Bail Bonding Services Are Only For Serious Crimes

When a person is charged with a serious crime, it can be common for the bail amount to be set extremely high, and this can force these defendants to have to use a bonding service to be able to post their bail. However, bail bonding services are capable of working with individuals charged with both serious and minor offenses. In fact, those facing charges for minor offenses may find it easier and cheaper to obtain a bail bond as their bail amount will be set much lower.

Myth: Bail Bonding Services Are Only For The Poor

There are many individuals that may have the wealth and assets to be able to afford to pay their bail with their own money. However, these individuals may find that they are better served by using a bonding service rather than posting their own bail. When you post bail using your own money, you will be unable to have access to this money until the trial and proceedings have been completed. In many instances, the criminal proceedings can take many months or years to complete. By using a bail bonding service, you can avoid tying up large amounts of your assets in exchange for paying a small bonding fee.

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