Funding A Trucking Business Without A Substantial Savings

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Funding A Trucking Business Without A Substantial Savings

Funding A Trucking Business Without A Substantial Savings

4 March 2016
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Like with starting any other business, it can be expensive to get a trucking business off the ground. You will need to finance operations, such as payroll, and purchase equipment. But even if you are not independently wealthy, you can potentially finance your startup with one of these options.

Preparations Before Pursuing Financing Options

When seeking financing for a trucking company, you will want to reach out to potential lenders as soon as possible to tell them about your business. The more information that the lenders have about your company's potential for growth, the more likely it is that they will be willing to lend to you. You may have fewer financing options if you wait until your company needs money.

Working With Lenders Or Investors

The best way to finance your trucking company is through a group of private investors. There is a strong need for more trucks on the road, so this is an industry that can be worthwhile to invest in. If you do not want to assemble a group of investors, other approaches include going to a bank or credit union. Creditors will want to see evidence that your company will be profitable before approving a loan.

Leasing Trucking Equipment

An alternative to receiving a loan for equipment is to instead lease your trucking equipment. Leasing is essentially renting. However, after you have completed the leasing program, you can choose to walk from the lease, purchase the vehicle or lease another vehicle. This is an ideal situation if you do not have the money to finance a vehicle and make the minimum monthly payments.

Truck Company Factoring

If you are not interested in receiving a loan and paying interest, consider factoring. Rather than waiting until you receive a payment for a shipment, you can arrange with a third party to receive a payment immediately. Then, you will reimburse the company once you have received a payment for the shipment, for a small fee. It is not a loan, so you will not be placing your business in debt. Once you have accumulated enough of a savings, you can gradually wean yourself off from truck factoring and keep all of your profits.

If you can demonstrate that you are transparent, you will gain access to the best lenders, who provide the most competitive interest rates. Make sure that there are no discrepancies between the information you provide and the truth. Remain transparent and treat the lender with respect and you will form an excellent business relationship.

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